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This half term we will be learning about a topic called Changes. During this topic we will focus on changes that we see happening in the world around us. We will be looking at changes that happen in the spring time, including the life cycles of animals and plants at this time of the year. We might even have some special visitors to our classroom for us to observe and look after. For further information linked to this topic please see the documents below.

Image result for spring blossom clipartWc 9.4.2018 This week we started our Changes topic by considering changes that we see happening all around us, in particular linked to the seasons. We have shared books about sing time and read poems that take about the changes that take place. We also went on our own spring walk around the playground to see if we can see any of the changes taking place for our selves. Despite the less than spring like weather, we saw blossom and buds starting to appear on the trees, some spring flowers blooming and even found some signs of wildlife emerging. To see some photos from our spring walk click here.


Image result for calendar clipartWe would also like to invite all parents and grandparents to  our next Open Afternoon on Thursday 24th May which will focus on our Changes topic. Please see the invitation below for details.


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WC 19.3.2018: This week at school we have been learning all about Easter. We have shared the Easter story from the bible and talked about the importance of Jesus at this time of the year. We have discussed Easter traditions and thought about how we celebrate Easter at home. We enjoyed trying hot cross buns and talking about why they have a cross on them and we have also talked about the Easter bunny and chocolate eggs, creating some of our own Easter art work using eggs, chicks and bunnies. The Easter bunny even visited our playground and left lots of eggs for us to find all our our playing field. Our favourite part of the week must have been making our own chocolate Easter egg nest for us to take home and share in our special Easter baskets.

                                                   To see photos of our Easter fun click here.       Image result for easter clipart         


Image result for sports relief 201823.3.2018: Today we all came to school dressed in our onesies or pyjamas for Sports Relief and Autism Awareness day. We donated £1 to charity and then all had a go at running a mile. It was hard work (7 laps around the playground) and very hot but we all made it. Well done to everyone.

To see photos click here.


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Will You Read Me A Story?

Last half term our topic was titled Will you read me a story? This topic focused on traditional tales and over the term we looked at the story of The Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk as well as Cinderella. We considered the language used in these stories, the types of characters and how they behaved as well as preparing for our very own Cinderella Ball at the end of the topic.

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14.3.2018: As a conclusion to our topic entitled Will You Read Me a Story? we had our very own Cinderella Ball at school. We all came to school dressed as princes and princesses and entered school via our very own red carpet. We helped prepare for the ball by making decorations including bunting and baking and decorating our very own fairy cakes to share at the party. When we went to the hall we performed our dance that we had been learning in our groups and pairs and then had lots of fun playing games and dancing.

To see the photos of our ball click here.