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Update: Parents Evening

Please find further update for the Parents Evening booking system.

The parents evening booking system is currently being trialled by Hallbrook as this is a new package. As you will have seen there have been a few teething issues as we launched the new online system.

All emails will go to the email address of the number one contact we hold on our system. This would have been set up when your child started at the school. Please make sure that both parents check their emails. 

You should have received 2 x emails which open up the Monday and Thursday parents evening booking system.  

You should also have received a 3rd email asking you to reset your password. As the system is generating 216 password resets these are coming out in phases but should have been delivered by 6pm.

Once you have reset your password, you can go back to the original emails and book in for parents evening.

We would like to thank everyone for your patience as we work through the teething issues and are confident that once these have been resolved the new system will provide a simple way of booking sessions going forward.