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Year End Memories

Class Memories 2019-2020

As part of the preparation for our end of school year reports the children usually add some thoughts of their own about being in that class and that year group. It gives them the opportunity to look back across the year, recognise their achievements and remember good thoughts and memories. As current circumstances have prevented us from being able to do this, we have been thinking of different ways for the children to be able to conclude their school year and say farewell for the summer!

We have decided that it would be lovely to create a short piece of film, similar to the way we made our ‘Reading Rock’ Book Reviews for World Book Day back in March. We are asking all children from each class to contribute a memory of their time in their class prior to the changes!

To make this positive we are giving the children categories to fit their memory into, for example, ‘my favourite text/topic/trip/visitor to come into school/assembly/whole school event….’ I am sure you will agree when we tell you that understandably we are not asking for the children to include thoughts since lockdown. We want to celebrate the time that they were all in school with their full class and regular class teacher.

Your teacher is setting this as a home learning task and will list the categories on class dojo with a reminder of their task and let you know which one your child/ren need to think about if they would like to contribute to the end of year presentation.

They can record their contribution in a representation of their choice. They can video themselves sharing their memory by talking to the camera, draw a picture of their favourite experience and add a clear label that could be read if held close the camera or they could write their thoughts or memories in dark colours so that it is clear and legible for the camera. Any drawings or pictures would need to be clear enough for everyone to read and interpret when we put the presentation together and shouldn’t be too long because they will get only around 5-10 seconds each.

If they are camera shy, a sentence with their memory (decorated in bright colours if possible) is fine but even better if they can read it aloud as a voiceover and record it as a short video clip rather than a photograph. The children’s voices would really make it extra special for them and their classmates.

When these are done, just email them into your class email like a piece of work as you usually would and we will do the rest.

If you can get the clips or photographs to us by Friday 3rd July we can add them to their class presentation. It is unlikely to be possible to add any in after this time as we are keen to produce them on our website by the end of the school year!

We hope that your child will love to be a part of this and we look forward to revealing them all soon!

Mrs O’Boyle