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In this section you can find out about all the exciting things going on in your child's class.
2019-2020 School Structure

Name Year Group Teacher
Tadpoles Early Years Mrs N Tasker
Grasshoppers 1/2 Mrs O'Boyle / Mrs R Dawson
Dragonflies 1/2

Miss C Rushby

Otters 3 Mrs L Thirlby
Kingfishers 4 Mrs S Waite
Owls 5 Mrs J Cawrey
Foxes 6 Mrs H Nagorski


2020-2021 School Structure

We are assuming the school will return to normal however depending on guidance this may change

Name Year Group Teacher
Tadpoles EY (R) Mrs N Tasker / Mrs Dye
Caterpillars 1 Miss Sutton
Frogs 2

Mrs O'Boyle / Mrs Dawson

Dragonflies 3 Miss Rushby
Grasshoppers 3 Miss Brittain
Kingfishers 4 Mrs Waite
Owls Mrs Cawrey
Foxes 6 Mrs Nagorski