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School governors support the strategic leaders of Hallbrook Primary School.  Governors provide robust challenge to school leaders and hold them to account for pupils' outcomes, but they also provide support to the Head Teacher and school.

An effective Governing Board has the opportunity to support children in their community to develop into confident, self-assured, resilient young people who leave school having experienced a good quality education that prepares them for all aspects of their life ahead.

Volunteering as a governor does take a time commitment - preparing for and attending meetings, additional school visits for monitoring purposes, writing reports, supporting interviewing for new staff, and of course, your own training and continuing professional development.

To find out more about our Trust Governance arrangements please visit Success Academy Trust governance page which can be found here.

You can find out more about our governors by clicking on the names below:

Mark Poulton

Chair of FAR Committee

As a local resident and parent, I have become increasingly focused on my contribution to ensure my children grow up in a community that is supportive, prosperous, and progressive. I value the contribution that Hallbrook is making to the development of my children and am keen to give what I can of my skills and experience to ensure the teachers, school, parents and children are supported in the most constructive way possible.

In my professional experience as the owner of an IT consultancy company, I provide strategic direction and management within the Quality Assurance area of multi million pound IT projects. I personally led the team who tested the back end systems processing Individual Learner Records (IRL) for the Skills Funding Agency who pay for Adult Education throughout England, so have a firm grasp on how education is funded.

I work with people at all levels of organisations from new starters to the Board of Directors, As such, I understand the value of good communication skills whilst being able to challenge clearly and respectfully.

In my personal life, I also volunteer as an advances driving instructor as I am passionate about keeping our roads safe.

I’m grateful for the opportunity of working with Hallbrook to provide our young people with the best possible education.