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Handbell Ringing

Handbell ringing has been around since approx 1725 and played around the world. Leicestershire is the base for John Taylors Bell Foundry who cast the bells for both handbell and church bell ringing.  The correct name for bellringing is Campanology.

This club is run during lunchtimes by Mr Burton, who has been ringing church bells since the age of 11.  He went onto ring handbells is the traditional format for around 10 years.

The club is open to children in Years 3, 4 and 5. The club can take upto 12 children at a time due to the number of bells we have. 

It is our aim that children will learn various "methods" which we can share with parents and the community later in the year. 



We would like to thank St Mary's Church for the loan of the village handbells which are very old and expensive.