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Welcome to Year 3

BBC Radio 2 - 500 Words - Story Starters

Indy Adventure by Dean
There was a space ship in the solar system Captain Indy was in charge. I think we are lost. he Said. They landed on a red planet. Suddenly, they saw an alien running towards them, it looked chilling. Suddenly they saw an alien running towards them. The alien catched them and took them to a cave. He was going to cook then in the cave.

The Magic Adventure by Savana
In a kingdom far away in France a princess called Lavender was very creative because she made an alien dog called Blobby. Blobby would bounce into space he can fly through walls and everything but one day Blobby floated to high into space and landed on a different planet. So she built wings to fly up but they weren’t strong enough. When she couldn’t fly up Lavender got an idea. She would find 3 things to make the perfect wings!

The Lost Giraffe by Archie
One day a boy got bored he ran of in to lost jungle but  he could’t go back home carefully he look at a giraffe Jack said  can you  help me  the giraffe  said no  we are in a lost jungle oh did you now lost jungle go on forever  but  how do you talk  they can be talking animals and in a lost  jungle it can get dangerus  sometimes.

Original by Emily
In the distance, a high school lay. It was called Find Your Dream. There was a very popular girl in school and her name was Kaylie, but she didn’t live wear you might expect her to live. A farm called Feed Your Animals. She used to wear tatty, old farm girl clothes like a red, orange and yellow denim skirt, with a matching t-shirt and a light brown sleeve-less jacket. When it was sunny she through on a light brown hat with a thin rope underneath her chin and some short studded, black boots instead of the usual, light brown cowboy boots, that almost reach up to her knees!

The magic map by Skye
One terrific day it was Lily`s birthday she had lots of presents but not the adventure book she had been wanting for forever. Suddenly there was a knock at the front door. The adventure book I have been wanting for ever. She shouted her mum and her dad but they didn't answer so she shouted again but they didn't still answer. She started to get upset so she cried out loud in a tiny little voice “I don`t know why you have vanished.”

Spring Term 1 - Tribal Tales

This half term, we will be heading back to prehistoric times to unearth ancient objects and visit astonishing mystical monuments that reveal the secrets of an ancient time.

We will be learning how the people of Britain developed over thousands of years, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

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Our class book, for this half term, is Stig of the Dump.

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Autumn 2

This half term, we have been finding out about predators and where they live. In science, we have been researching all about bones and comparing human and animal bones. Children have also been learning about consumers and producers and have created a food chain including different predators. 

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Our class book, for this half term, is The Sheep-Pig.

Children have enjoyed comparing the novel to the film version of 'Babe'.

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Autumn 1

This half term, our topic is Tremors. Children will find out about the Earth’s geological wonders! This topic develops children’s knowledge of rocks, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and their impact on humans and the environment.

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Our class book this half term is 'The Firework Maker's daughter' by Philip Pullman. 

Lila wants to be a firework maker just like her father, but before she can even start she has to make a hazardous, life-threatening journey to the den of the evil Fire-Fiend, battling her way through strange lands and nightmarish scenarios with elephants and pirates and strange beasts a-plenty tempting her from her path.

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In science, we will be finding out about rocks. Children will compare and test different rocks as well as finding out more about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks.

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Extra Information

Home Learning
The Home Learning books will be handed out on Thursdays and are due in on Tuesdays. Home Learning can be e-mailed to

Weekly spelling tests will take place every Friday.

P.E. will take place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons during the Autumn term.

Children can gain class Dojo’s by reading at home.