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Tribal Tales

This half term, we will be heading back to prehistoric times to unearth ancient objects and visit astonishing mystical monuments that reveal the secrets of an ancient time.

We will be learning how the people of Britain developed over thousands of years, from the Stone Age to the Roman invasion.


We have been working hard at editing and improving our writing during our diary writing unit. Here are a few examples of second draft edits:


Later that strange day, my new friend Om took me into a gloomy, rock-walled cave although we were a little bit scared. As quick as a flash, an enormous, chocolate-coloured cave bear appeared in the corner of my wrinkly, wet eye! 


In a flash I noticed I was in a strange place. A few minutes later I saw a girl. She was holding something named a spear. For heavens sake why was she holding a spear?


When me and Om went in the cave we looked around at the amazed cave painting. Just then I saw a grizzly bear. I was so scared because it will eat me.


Today it was a sunny day outside to play and it was lunch time. I was really scared because I heard a really big foot print. I heard a bear and the bear growled at us. It was really dark.

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