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Reading and Phonics

Our aim is for all children to develop a lifelong love and enjoyment of books and stories. We believe that reading is a fundamental skill and empowers children to become confident and engaged in all areas of learning. At Hallbrook Primary School children have opportunities to take part in guided and independent reading as well as joint reading sessions with their peers and ‘reading buddies’.

The children are encouraged to read at home, for enjoyment and information, developing skills to become critical and independent readers who value and respect books. 

We teach early reading using a synthetic phonic program (Read Write Inc.) that provides a systematic approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling.

Click below to see the Read Write Inc. sound pronunciation guide for parents

When pupils learn to read at Hallbrook, we use a book banding system. Each colour coded band has a wide range of texts, publishers and schemes within in.  Your child will choose books from this large selection in their colour band until the staff feel it is necessary to move them on. This decision will be made using a number of criteria and it is important to note that the ‘best’ readers are those that can talk about and understand what they read and meet this criteria. Pupils will not be moved onto the next book band based purely on their ability to read the words in the book.

We aim to produce competent and confident motivated readers. It is essential that as parents you recognise that every child’s reading journey is different and we do not view book bands as a competition or race. 

This is the order of book bands used in the scheme. Please note that book bands are continued into KS2. As a guide, a child working at age related expectations at the end of KS1 would usually be reading from Gold or White band by the end of Y2.

The book bands are as follows

Pink - Red - Yellow - Blue - Green - Orange - Turquoise - Purple - Gold - White - Lime