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Severe Weather Guidance

Whilst this guidance is mainly aimed at closures due to severe weather it is also intended to be used for other unplanned closures that occur due to unforeseen circumstances.


Wherever possible, we will always endeavour to keep the school open.  However, there are a number of factors which have to be considered within the decision making process.


Decision to close

The Local Authority can advise and support in the decision to close the school due to snow or severe weather but the decision remains the responsibility of the Head Teacher in consultation with the Co-Chairs of Governors, Trust Principal and other local schools.  In taking this decision the Head Teacher will consider the following:

  • Health and Safety

Will remaining open constitute a significant risk to pupils and/or staff?

  • Availability of Staff

Has the severe weather meant that a significant number of staff are unable to attend making it impossible to open?


Procedure to Close the School

Once the decision has been taken to close the school, parents will be advised as soon as possible.  Parents will receive a text message advising of the school closure - PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU NOTIFY THE SCHOOL OFFICE OF ANY CHANGES TO YOUR MOBILE TELEPHONE NUMBERS.

In addition, parents are advised to listen to BBC Radio Leicester (104.9 FM) bulletins or to look on the BBC Radio Leicester website for details of school closures at:

School closure information will also be put on the school’s website and Facebook page as soon as possible.


Alternative Options to Closure

School may decide to open an hour or so later in order to enable staff and children to have additional time to travel to school safely and to enable paths to be cleared within the school to make them as safe as possible.  Any changes to the start time of the school day will be communicated to parents in the same way as that of the school closure.

Should school decide it is safe to remain open, please ensure your child arrives at school dressed appropriately for the weather conditions and has a change of indoor shoes.