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Welcome to Early Years

We had so much fun getting to know you and thinking about school routines and the new friends that we have made during our last half terms work. 

For the second half of the autumn term we will be focusing on autumn changes and seasonal celebrations.

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Why do squirrels hide their nuts? is the title of our topic during the autumn term. We will be going on an autumn walk, looking for changes in nature, thinking about what happens to trees and plants as well as considering how the animals that live near and around Broughton Astley prepare for a cold winter. We will learn what is meant by the terms hibernation and migration and will help the animals that live in our playground by making feeders for them.

During the autumn and winter term a number of celebration also take place which we will enjoy exploring together.

To celebrate harvest we will be thinking about foods that we grow in our gardens and on farms. We will be taking about a healthy diet and the different types of food that we eat. We will also be sharing stories about vegetable including Supertato and Supertato Veggies Assemble. Linked to this work we will be using vegetables and fruit in our artwork and small world play as well as using harvest vegetables to make our own soup.


This year Diwali is celebrated on the 14th November. We will be considering how people around the world celebrate Diwali, sharing traditional stories such as the story of Rama and Sita and creating a range of beautiful art work such as clay divas, rangoli patterns and making traditional Indian sweets.

We will also be considering Bonfire Night and Halloween celebrations. As a class we will be sharing how we might celebrate at home, taking about how we might dress up and have parties as well as considering why we remember Guy Fawkes and have fireworks and bonfires on the 5th November.

Around 11th November we will also be thinking about the importance of Remembrance day and symbols that we use to help us remember soldiers who have died in the past and still help us today.

Nearer Christmas we will be enjoying a range of festive fun including creating decorations, learning about Christmas traditions and sharing the nativity story as well as singing festive songs.

After the Christmas break our new topic will be all about What Happens When I fall Asleep?

Look out in the weekly This Week at School letters on Class Dojos for further information about these topics.