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Welcome to our Tadpoles page on the website. Our class teacher is Mrs Tasker.

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The main focus of this half term will be Autumn changes and seasonal celebrations.

Image result for squirrel clipart clipartWhy do squirrels hide their nuts? is the title of our topic during the autumn term. We will be going on an autumn walk, looking for changes in nature, thinking about what happens to trees and plants as well as considering how the animals that live near and around Broughton Astley prepare for a cold winter. We will learn what is meant by the terms hibernation and migration and will help the animals that live in our playground by making feeders for them.

During the autumn and winter term a number of celebration also take place which we will enjoy exploring together.

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To celebrate harvest we will be thinking about foods that we grow in our gardens and on farms. We will be taking about a healthy diet and the different types of food that we eat. We will also be sharing stories about harvest including The Little Red Hen. Linked to this work we will be making some of our own bread as well as using harvest vegetables to make our own soup.

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This year Diwali is celebrated on the 27th October. We will be considering how people around the world celebrate Diwali, sharing traditional stories such as the story of Rama and Sita and creating a range of beautiful art work such as clay divas, rangoli patterns and making traditional Indian sweets.

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We will also be considering Bonfire Night and Halloween celebrations. As a class we will be sharing how we might celebrate at home, taking about how we might dress up and have parties as well as considering why we remember Guy Fawkes and have fireworks and bonfires on the 5th November.

Image result for remembrance clipartAround 11th November we will also be thinking about the importance of Remembrance day and symbols that we use to help us remember soldiers who have died in the past and still help us today.

Nearer Christmas we will be enjoying a range of festive fun including creating decorations, learning about Christmas traditions and sharing the nativity story. We will also be working very hard on performing a Christmas Nativity which all parent will be invited to watch during December.

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Image result for date for your diary clipartImportant Dates and Information

Monday 21st October

New term starts.

Tuesday 22nd October

Parents Evening (individual appointments sent out) 3.30pm until 7pm

Wednesday 23rd October

Parents Evening (individual appointments sent out ) 3.30m until 6.00pm

Monday 28th October

School photographs .The photographer will be at school to take individual school photos at well as photos with siblings in school.

Wednesday 30th October

School Discos 4.15pm-5.15pm (more details to follow)

WC 11th November

Anti bullying week. All children in school will be involved in anti bullying activities and discussions, promoting sharing, taking turns and kind and respectful behaviour

Friday 15th November

Children in Need. Fund raising activity to be sent out nearer the time.

Monday 9th December

EYFS flu Vaccinations (letter to follow)

Thursday 12th December

Performance to parents of our Christmas Show. Letters regarding these performances, including tickets will be sent out closer to the time.

Friday 13th December

Performance to parents of our Christmas Show. Letters regarding this performance, including tickets will be sent out closer to the time.

Friday 13th December

Whole school Christmas dinner (more details to follow) and Christmas Jumper Day

Monday 16th December

All children are invited to attend a Christmas pantomime (more details to follow)

Friday 20th December

Children break up for Christmas holidays at the end of the school day

Tuesday 7th January

Children to return to school for the start of the Spring term




























After the Christmas break our new topic will be Starry Night

Look out in the weekly This Week at School letters in your child's Home School Link Books for further information about these topics.


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Last half term we enjoyed settling into school, exploring our new classroom and making lots of friends. We enjoyed sharing rhymes and creating lots of art work linked to some of our favourite rhymes. We then moved on to the topic of Fabulous Friends. During tis topic we talked about what we like to play with our friends, thought about different situations and how they might make us feel and what we can do to help each other if someone is upset. We also shared stories about friends and created our own friend stories.


Week Beginning 2.9.2019: We have had a wonderful couple of days getting to know your children on their first days at school. We have had lots of fun exploring our new classroom and playground and have been busy painting and writing our names. We have also enjoyed trying the yummy school dinners. 

12.9.2019 What a busy day we've had today. Not only have we had a very busy morning creating a wonderful nursery rhyme display but this afternoon we have also been into the ICT suite for the first time and had a go on the computers, using a mouse to try and click and create a picture of ourselves. After ICT we then all tried really hard to get ourselves changed for PE and then had lots of fun playing games outside on the field.

13.9.2019 On Friday afternoon we went out on to the big playground to explore the Playground 2000 and investigate the woods. It was lots of fun climbing and sliding and running through the trees. We had a lovely afternoon and as the weather was so nice we had an afternoon break of extra milk and fruit on the field. 

17.9.2019 Today we went on a listening walk around the school and playground. We used our super listening ears to hears things like the telephone ringing, a toilet flushing, a tap running, birds singing and people talking. As part of our phonics work we have also been listening to other environmental sounds and trying hard to describe and name what we hear - we have particularly enjoyed playing these games on our interactive whiteboard.

24.9.2019 Despite the wet weather, we still managed to have lots of fun playing outside. 

10.10.2019 We enjoyed taking part in the harvest assembly today. Rev Sharron and Rev Laura talked to us about our favourite dinners and how some people around the world do not have enough to eat. Thank you to all those parents who contributed to our school harvest collection, it has now been taken to the fod bank in Lutterworth where it is very much appreciated.

WC 21.10.2019. We have had a busy week at school. We have been learning all about harvest. We have talked about the jobs of farmers and explored vegetables and grains that are grown. We used the vegetables to make faces and then we cut them up to look at what the seeds inside looked like as well as what they smell and feel like. We also shared the story of The Little Red Hen. We used this story as inspiration to make our own bread which we took home to share and we also used some of the vegetables to make our own vegetable soup. To see some photos from our harvest cook click here.

WC 28.10.2019 We have loved learning about the celebration of Diwali. We talked about how people around the world celebrate Diwali and listened to children talk about how they prepare for Diwali and celebrate. We then had a go at making some of our own decorations and gifts including clay divas, Indian sweets and rangoli and mehndi patterns. We also shared the story of Rama and Sita and the children ere engrossed in the 10 headed demon so we had a go at creating our own demons. To see photos of the children making their divas and sweets click here.

30.10.2019 We had so much fun at the Halloween Disco. There were some great costumes and lots of fantastic dancing. To see some photos from the disco click here.

31.10.2019 We have had lots of fun at school celebrating Halloween. We have dressed up in costumes and created Halloween art work as well as playing games like apple bobbing. To see some pictures from todays fun click here.

11.11.2019 Today we have been autumn explorers. We went for a walk around the playground looking for changes that we could see happening around us. We talked about the cold, wet weather as well as the beautiful colours that the leaves were changing to before falling to the ground. We also noticed that there were less insects and creatures around and how berries were growing on the bushes and how many of the flowers had died. To see more photos from our autumn walk click here

11.11.2019 As an act of Remembrance the children joined the rest of the school in the hall for 2 minutes silence at 11am. We also painted and make our own poppies as well as discussing who we are remembering on Armistice day and why we wear a poppy.

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15.11.2019 We loved bringing our cuddly toys to school today to join in the fun of Children in Need. We did lots of fun Pudsey art work as well as joining in with Pudsey yoga. We also learnt about why we raise money for Children in Need and how some children are less fortunate than us and how the money raised helps those children.

21.11.2019 This week we shared a Percy the Park Keeper story called The Treasure Hunt. Inspired by this story we wrote our own treasure hunt clues and this afternoon we had our very own treasure hunt in the playground. We used our super reading skills to follow the clues all around our playground and found the treasure in the woods at the end of the trail (a yummy chocolate coin). To see more photos from our treasure hunt click here.


26.11.2019 As part of our topic about autumn we have been considering what animals that live in Broughton Astley do to prepare themselves for the inter. Today we talked about birds in our gardens and how the winter time means there is less food around for them to eat. We decided to make our own bird feeders to take home using a pine cone, lard and bird seed so that the birds in our garden's would have something nice to eat. To see our completed bird feeders click here.

28.11.2019 We really enjoyed taking part in the scooter session this afternoon. We put on all our protective gear before getting our scooters and riding around the playground to music. To see more photos of us on our scooters click here.

29.11.2019 Thank you to all those parents that came to our winter activity morning, we had lots of fun creating lots of winter and Christmas crafts together. To see more photos click here.