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Welcome to our Tadpoles page on the website. Our class teacher is Mrs Tasker.

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We would like to begin by welcoming all of the new children and their parents to Hallbrook Primary School, we very much look forward to getting to know you and working with you over the next year.

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In the first week, whilst the children are settling into school, we will be focusing on school routines and getting to know each other. We will be exploring the school surroundings, getting to know the adults around school and exploring our classroom resources and activities.

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We will then be moving on to a topic all about nursery rhymes. We will be singing rhymes together, joining in with actions and movements, creating art work linked to some of the rhymes, making puppets to act out the stories, dressing up as the characters and exploring aspects of some rhymes such as baking cakes like the Bakers Man and investigating how we can help stop Humpty from breaking when he falls off the wall.

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In the final few weeks before half term we will be focusing on personal, social and emotional development through a topic called Fabulous Friends. During these weeks we will be talking about what we like to play with our friends, thinking about different situations and how they might make us feel and what we can do to help each other if someone is upset. We will also be sharing stories about friends and creating our own friend stories.

Look out in the weekly This Week at School letters in your child's Home School Link Books for further information about this topic and what is going on at school each week.

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Week Beginning 2.9.2019: We have had a wonderful couple of days getting to know your children on their first days at school. We have had lots of fun exploring our new classroom and playground and have been busy painting and writing our names. We have also enjoyed trying the yummy school dinners. Please click here to see some of teh photos from our first week at school. 

12.9.2019 What a busy day we've had today. Not only have we had a very busy morning creating a wonderful nursery rhyme display but this afternoon we have also been into the ICT suite for the first time and had a go on the computers, using a mouse to try and click and create a picture of ourselves. After ICT we then all tried really hard to get ourselves changed for PE and then had lots of fun playing games outside on the field.

13.9.2019 On Friday afternoon e went out on to the big playground to explore the Playground 2000 and investigate the woods. It was lots of fun climbing and sliding and running through the trees. We had a lovely afternoon and as the weather was so nice we had an afternoon break of extra milk and fruit on the field. To see more photos of our playground adventures click here.